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Poker freeroll passwords

Do you want poker freeroll passwords? Then you have come to the right place. provide exclusive access to all the best freerolls in the world.

At we list passwords for some of the biggest poker freerolls on the internet. We have information on poker freerolls at 888 poker, PartyPoker, PokerStars, GG Poker and all the other big networks that run daily freerolls.

So whether you are looking for a big tournament with a large prize pool or something smaller, we have the password for you.

But first of all, we'll provide some basic information about poker freerolls.

Let's dive right in!

What is a poker freeroll?

A poker freeroll is a tournament that is free of charge to enter. You don't need to pay any money to take part and there is usually a prize pool of at least 100 dollars or more up for grabs. Freerolls are a great way to build your bankroll without risking your own money.

Why does poker rooms run freerolls?

If a freeroll is free to play for the players, and just a cost for the poker room, why do the poker operators run it? Well it is a form of bonus and marketing cost for the poker rooms. By providing freeroll tournaments new, and existing, players get a chance to win money and build a bankroll without risk.

Why play freerolls?

Then why should the players play freeroll tournaments? Because freerolls offers a great opportunity to win real money without having to risk any of your own. They are also a good way to build your poker skills and experience. If you play well in freerolls, you can use that knowledge to help you win big in future tournaments with real buy ins.

Best freeroll poker sites

Most of the big poker rooms hold daily poker freerolls. It's a great way to attract new players and give customers a chance to learn the game without risk. But what operators provide the best freerolls?

888 poker and the new operator Highstakes are top class poker rooms regarding their freeroll schedules for 2023. And even better, both these operators also run exclusive freerolls for That brings even more value for our players.

Other poker sites that run great freerolls are of course Pokerstars and Partypoker. Those big rooms has bigger room to provide high value freerolls for their customers.

  • 888 poker freerolls and passwords
  • Pokerstars freerolls and passwords
  • Partypoker freerolls and passwords
  • Highstakes freerolls and passwords

To check out what freerolls are available today check out the freerolls schedule. (internal link to that block above)

What is the prize pool of poker freerolls?

The prize pool of poker freerolls can vary significantly. Some tournaments may have a prize pool of just a few hundred dollars, while others could have a prize pool of $100,000 or more. It all depends on the tournament and the poker network that is hosting it.

The exclusive freerolls we run at this site often ranges from 100-250$, but at the same time the number of entrants in these are very few. That makes the value great for the players.

How does the number of entrants affect the value of the tournament?

It is very important to just not look at the value offered in a freeroll tournament. It is equally important to watch how many players that will enter.

Freeroll value example:

If a tournament with with 1000$ in the prize pool has 1000 entrants, the average value for each player in the tournament is 1$. If we compare that with an exclusive freeroll with 100$ in the prize pool, but only 50 entrants, the average value will be 2$ per player in the second example.

So to look how big the prize pool is not the only thing to watch for when deciding what freerolls to play.

What is a freeroll password?

A freeroll password is a way to restrict the number of entrants in a given tournament. When the poker operator only give out the password to a smaller community, for example a Facebook group, the value for the freeroll increases vastly. Therefore it is of great value of having a great source to find freeroll passwords.

What kind of poker i played in freerolls?

In freerolls the cost to enter is zero. Therefore, since players are not risking any of their own money. Expekt more loose and aggressive plays than in any ordinary poker tournament. When players enter without risk they are much eager to take chances and risks early on.

How do I register for a freeroll?

It differs a lot between different poker rooms of how you do when you register for a freeroll. Here is a common process to enter a freeroll.

  1. Register an account at the poker site where the freeroll is hosted
  2. Download poker client
  3. Make a first deposit, if the freeroll you want to play is depositors freeroll.
  4. Enter the freeroll.

Also, there is often different conditions for the freerolls. Here is some examples.

Depositors freeroll

A depositors freeroll is a freeroll tournament that only players that has made their first deposit on the poker room in question can enter.

Freerolls for new players only

A freeroll for new players is exactly what it sounds like. Only new customers at the poker room can enter these. Tickets to such tournaments are often given upon registration at poker rooms that offer special freerolls for new players. 

Freeroll passwords at

We collect freeroll passwords at numerous online poker sites across the world. We find them both on websites, in Telegram groups and in Facebook groups and other social media channels. is the “go to place” to find them all.

Satellite freeroll with ticket prize

The prizes in freeroll tournaments can differ. The most common prize is of course cash. But it is also very common for poker rooms to give out poker tickets in freerolls to bigger events and tournaments. For example a freeroll on Pokerstars where you get let's say a 100$ ticket to some of their popular WCOOP or SCOOP events.

Private freerolls with password

PokerFreerollPasswords, and some other sites are often offering players to play unique tournaments that can only be entered with a password. The value in these private freerolls are generally much higher than the free for all freerolls that thousands of players can enter.

Cardschat, Raketherake, CasinoOrg and are some of the most popular private freerolls for online poker today.

How to build your bankroll with freerolls is aimed at offering players a free chance to build their bankroll, without putting in any own money. Poker freerolls are a very popular way to achieve that. Many players want to start playing for free before entering the real poker games without risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freeroll in poker?
In poker, a freeroll tournament is a tournament without entry fee. Within a hand, a freeroll is where a player is guaranteed to at least get half of the pot shared with his opponent. But it is also a chance to win the whole pot if certain final cards are dealt.
How does a freeroll work?
A freeroll poker tournament works in the same way as a regular poker tournament. The only difference is that it is free to enter. Players start with the same number of chips and play until one player has all the chips. The winner takes home the prize pool.
How do you play freeroll poker?
To enter a poker freeroll, you will usually need to have a poker account with the network that is hosting the tournament. After you have opened an account you can register an play the freeroll and win real money without any risk.
What is a freeroll password?
A freeroll password is used to limit the number of entrants in the freeroll tournament. By using a password to enter the operator will vastly limit the players in the freeroll, thus increasing the value for the players that can join.
What is the best strategy to win a poker freeroll?
The best strategy to win a freeroll is to play really tight on the early stages when many players play very loose and aggressive. Then you will be able to build a big stack that you can use on the later levels.

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